(California - LA) Los Angeles

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(California - LA) Los Angeles


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Los Angeles.

    A very rare large format birds eye view of Los Angeles at the turn of the century. With Los Angeles Street and Palmetto Street in the foreground and Glendale and Hollywood looming on the distant horizon, this is a classic view of a quickly growing city, and was published in Los Angeles. It's around this time that all the annexations and consolidations began, and indeed in the year of this view's publication the port cities of both San Pedro and Wilmington were add, though not shown on this view, in the year following Hollywood would join. Details the general architecture of many buildings, as well as showing the streets, and boulevards as well as the rail lines and even parks. A real rarity, and our first time to offer this birds eye view.

    Condition is good with dampstaining in the air above Hollywood, and some flaking in the upper and lower right, with only minor printed material lost. Image size is approximately 40 x 57 (inches)