(California - Stockton) Birds Eye View of The City

Mapmaker: Koch, Augustus

(California - Stockton) Birds Eye View of The City


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Birds Eye View Of The City Of Stockton San Joaquin County. California. 1870.

    Founded by a German immigrant just a little over twenty years prior, based on the commerce spawned by the gold rush, this birds eye view shows the town of Stockton as established and inviting. An inland port and one of the larger cities in the Central Valley, a small vignette shows it in 1852 as a primitive beginning which clearly has gained momentum and blossomed into fine town. Spanning from Vine street to South street, from Tule Street to East Street, it appears to have everything a civilized town should have from hotels and commerce, churches of many denominations (including one for "Colored"), a synagogue, schools, as well as two breweries and a courthouse. It's served by a rail line that parallels Sacramento Street, and has numerous docks for boats near the downtown area. A rare and beautiful view for this California town

    Has been professionally restored and lined with cloth. Some old tears drift well into the image, but are hard to find without very close inspection, no instances of loss. Margins show some cracks and soiling but still very framable. Image size is approximately 26 x 28 (inches).