(Canada - French Indian War) Quebeck

Mapmaker: Overton, H.

(Canada - French Indian War) Quebeck


  • ~Catalog 52~
  • (Canada French Indian War - Quebec) The SIEGE and TAKING of QUEBECK with a VIEW of the GLORIOUS BATTLE before the TOWN.

    Quebec was the fortified capital and stronghold of the French colonies of “New France” in North America and this is the broadside notice, that the British had just beaten the French, and changed the course of history. General Wolfe had overcome Montcalm and his mix of soldiers and mostly militia by drawing the French forces in and opening fire at the last moment, the French retreated in disarray, suffering even more casualties on the way. Wolfe was injured in the fighting and died, but lived long enough to know the battle was won. General Monckton was shot through during the engagement but survived to serve for decades more. The fifteen extensive lines of text at the bottom of the image are excerpts from letters of General Monckton and Vice Admiral Saunders detailing what happened in the battles, and are attributed to the “London Gazette Oct. 17th 1759”. There are separations at many of the folds, and some loss at corner junctions but typically not effecting printed portions. In researching this large woodblock engraving we find only a handful in the possession of major institutions, and only one instance of it being sold almost twenty years
    ago in the price record. Probably the most uncommon thing we will handle for a long time

    Image size is 15.5 x 19. Some original hand color.