(Canada) Landform Map of Canada

Mapmaker: Raisz, Erwin

(Canada) Landform Map of Canada

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  • Landform Map Of Canada prepared for the Environmental Protection Section of the U.S. Quartermaster General...

    The son of a civil engineer, Erwin Raisz was introduced to cartography early, and grew into a cartographic innovator know for his physiographic maps. After a stint at the Ohman Map company in New York he headed on to Harvard to be a part of the Institute of Geographic Exploration.

    Here is Raisz' beautiful map of Canada done in three colors with a fine articulate detail that captures the terrain and drainage unlike anything else you've seen. This edition is corrected for "1965" and is a rare find.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 30 x 35 (inches)