Canada Louisiana et Terres Angloises

Mapmaker: D'Anville

Canada Louisiana et Terres Angloises


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  • Canada Louisiana et Terres Angloises

    A stunning colonial era wall map reaching from Labrador to Florida and the Gulf Coast to beyond the Mississippi River. Considered by many to be the greatest French cartographer of the period, D'Anville based this map off of John Mitchell's famous map with additional updates. This is a probably one of the best French maps of North America during the French-Indian war. Dense with notations for Indian tribes, it also shows an interesting configuration of the colonies, as it is prior to Vermont, with just "Hampshire" neighboring "Massachusetts Bay". Maine, here is very truncated and simply "Mayn". New York likewise is much reduced from what we know and mostly inhabiting the Hudson River valley. A large inset shows the St. Lawrence. A fascinating map on many levels, and a fine engraving.

    Condition is very good with some minor blemishes to the left of the cartouche. Image size is 34.3 x 44.5 (inches).