(Canada -West) Scene of the North-West Insurrection

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Canada -West) Scene of the North-West Insurrection

c. 1885

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  • Scene Of The North-West Insurrection

    A rare map of the North-West Rebellion against the conservative government of the time. In the 1870's the native first nation's people began to realize that the bison herds were disappearing, as were their native lands, while settlers, fences and railroads were increasing rapidly. By the 1880's even numerous white settlers were struggling with years of poor harvests and a change of plans moving the new Canadian Pacific Railway lines from central as planned, to southern Saskatchewan, left people out of future progress, and separated from access. And all the while the government back east was indifferent.

    In 1884 the Metis people of Saskatchewan sent for the Louis Riel who was in exile in the U.S. and local discontent started to take form, into a new proto-territory and self governance. Soon disparate tribes and local whites banded together to form Provisional Government of Saskatchewan.

    The initial regional Canadian governmental response was rebuffed, but by 1885 Ottawa got serious and finally suppressed the uprising in the Battle of Batoche. This map shows the region prior to the battles that quenched the rebellion.

    Condition is good for this newspaper extracted map and text laid on old linen. Some foxing/ soiling. Image size is approximately 10 x 13 (inches)