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Mapmaker: Bernard - Cook

Carte de la Cote...


  • - N. America -U.S.
  • Carte De la Cote N. O. De L'Amerique et de la Cote N.E. de L'Asie

    From the third and final voyage of Captain Cook and his men, this map shows the first substantial views of the coastal outline of present day Alaska, and Kamchatka. This map ended the speculation about the area and became the cornerstone from which other mapmakers progressed. Shows the routes of both of Cook's ships as they explored the coasts, giving depth in fathoms as they went. Many placenames are shown, such as Cooks inlet, as well as Prince Williams.

    This map is from a French edition of Captain Cook's voyages, and is a fine engraving printed on very thick and good stock.

    Condition is very good with a close lower left margin. Image size is 15.5 x 26.25 (inches).