Carte De La Louisiane

Mapmaker: Bellin

Carte De La Louisiane


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  • Carte De La Louisiane et Pays Voisins...

    This is a map of French Louisiana when it included the entire Mississippi Valley before the eastern part was lost to the British during the French and Indian Wars. The western portion is what we came to know as Louisiana. The map is modeled after DeLisle's famous map of Louisiana. It extends from the Appalachian Mountains to the Spanish Settlements in New Mexico including Texas where several of LaSalle's sites are noted as well as a Spanish Fort. The strength of the map is in the Mississippi Valley per se where many rivers and forts are specified. There are references to Les Kansez, Missouries, les Acansas and Ahbamous, all predecessors of the names of states and rivers. The map is truly a French one reflecting a French view of the once mighty colony. An excellent map for an early view of the interior of the United States.

    Condition is very good. Image size is 9 x 12.25(inches).