Carte drolatique D' Europe pout 1870.

Mapmaker: Hadol

Carte drolatique D' Europe pout 1870.


  • ~Catalog 52~
  • Carte drolatique D' Europe pout 1870.,

    A very early and significant map in the genre pictorial maps, done by caricaturist and illustrator, Paul Hadol (1835-1875). Dramatizing the Franco-Prussian War this figurative map has a larger title across the top stating “Nouvelle Carte D'Europe Dressee Pour 1870”. With a caricature representing each nation in the region, the French text at the bottom portrays the scene where “An isolated England, in a fit of rage, almost forgets about its island of Ireland that it has on a leash. Spain smokes, while reclining of Portugal. France repulses the invasions of Prussia, who advances a hand on Holland...”. “Corsica and Sardinia has a laugh at it all. Denmark, which lost it's legs of Holstein, hopes to regain them”... “Sweden jumps in a bound, like a panther”. It is an amazingly dense depiction that boils down the complexity of European contentions and anxieties at this time into a single image. A real rarity that doesn't surface very often. This we believe to be the first edition, not the later French or English derivatives. Condition is very good with two old marginal repairs to its old fold, and some wear.

    Image size is 12.5 x 16.5 with text, full printed color .