Carte Nouvelle De L'Amerique Agloise Contentant

Mapmaker: Mortier

Carte Nouvelle De L'Amerique Agloise Contentant


  • ~Catalog 51~
  • Carte Nouvelle De L'Amerique Agloise Contentant La Virginie, Mary – Land, Caroline, Pensylvania Nouvelle Iorck, N. Iarsey, N:France, et Les Terres Nouvellement Decouerte Dresse sur les Relations les Plus Nouvelles.

    A dramatic large map of the colonies from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River and up beyond Hudsons Bay. As original hand color outlines the many different possessions, it notes the major towns and indian tribes, as well as place names. Some notations appear in english such as the “Copper Mines” mentioned along Lake Michigan (here “Lac des Illinois”), or “Carrying Place” as a place to portage in Wisconsin. Interesting as well for it's depiction of the banks off the coasts, from Newfoundland to the Gulf of Mexico. Wistfully, it shows Greenland as having two large channels cutting through its southern portion, which had they existed would have given you quick access to Hudsons Strait and the Bay. A long mountain chain runs from the tip of present day Michigan, south through Ohio and down to to Florida. A single inset shows Boston harbor and its islands. Condition is good with some old was stains in the Atlantic, otherwise very good.

    Image size is 23.5 x 35.75, original outline hand color