(Celestial) Manuscript Celestial Atlas

Mapmaker: Anonymous manuscript

(Celestial) Manuscript Celestial Atlas


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Manuscript Celestial Atlas

    A hand written and illustrated atlas from an anonymous author with a date of February 4th 1828 on the front sheet. The text appears to be a copy of "A New Treatise on the use of the Globes, or, A Philosophical View" by Green that was first printed in 1811. This small fifteen page manuscript atlas covers individual constellations and includes an illustration for most. There are no covers, the front page is for the "Bull", and following are "Sagittarius","Capricornue", "Aquarius", "Pisces", "Sagitta", "Delphinus", "Vulpecula et Anser", "Serpent", "Virgo", "Libra", "Scorpio", "Taurus", "Cancer", "Birds of Paradise", "Oclans Hadleianus", and "Hydra".

    Condition is good with some foxing and discoloration, a lightly stitched binding with sheets that are detached. Image size is approximately 6.8 x 8(inches)