Chicago - Big Shoulders

Mapmaker: Turzak & Chapman

Chicago - Big Shoulders

c. 1933

  • Pictorial Maps
  • Chicago USA, An Illustrated Map of Chicago, Youthful City of the Big Shoulders, Restless, Ingenious, Wilful, Violent, Proud to be Alive

    This is a great illustrated map of Chicago done for the Worlds Fair in 1933. Streets and major buildings are shown and the map is vividly illustrated with sketches of the city such and the Cubs and White Sox, the subway, important buildings, the fair, stockyards, gang fights, smugglers and revenue agents and the road to Joliet. Many air craft are overhead and even the suburbs like Des Plaines appear on the fringes of the map. It is beautifully colored in greens and blue. This is one of the finest illustrated maps we have seen

    Condition is good with some repairs to tears, and minor loss on one or two folds. Image size is 22.25 x 36.5 (inches).