(China) Accurate Map of China...

Mapmaker: Bowen, Emanuel

(China) Accurate Map of China...


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • A New & Accurate Map of China, Drawn from Surveys made by the Jesuit Missionaries, by Order of the Emperor. The whole being regulated by numerous Astronomical Observations. By Eman. Bowen.

    The Jesuits began to survey the vast land of China in July of 1708 and finished in 1717, creating a foundational understanding of the land of the far east. Depicting the drainages, regionional boundaries as well as the towns and placenames, it's a leap forward in understanding the Empire from Chinese Tartary, south to Formosa and "Haynan", and west to the bordering "Kingdom of Tibet".

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 13.75 x 16.75(inches)