(China) Map of China

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(China) Map of China


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  • (China) Map of China

    An unparalleled visual summary of China compiled by John A. Diakoff the “scientific collaborator of the former Russian Orientalist Society”. Colorful, richly detailed and labeled both in Chinese and English, this canvas backed wall map of China, is perhaps the nicest pictorial map we've encountered. Delving into the costume, culture, architecture, resources and industries of each region, it stresses the incredible diversity of the nation and points out its infrastructure and cultural institutions. From where to find fruit and minerals, to where mosques and seminaries are located, it doesn't miss much. Dozens of simple icons note where everything from silk to naptha oil is made. Two large insets shows the temperature ranges throughout the year. Surrounded by a colorful decorative border which includes fourteen different scenic photos across China. Photos can't adequately convey this one. A masterpiece.

    Condition is very good with some paper misfolded on the corners, but with no loss. Image size is 56 x 75, full color.