City of Boulder Colorado...

Mapmaker: Drumm, Henry A.

City of Boulder Colorado...


  • ~Catalog 55~
  • City of Boulder plan of Improvements Proposed by Frederick Law Olmsted landscape Architect, Brookline Mass. March 1910.

    Boulder is perhaps one of the most beautiful towns along the Rocky Mountain foothills, but it wasn't always such a jewel. A great debt is owed to the great landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. It was he, the son of the great landscape architect that devised Central Park in New York, who envisioned Boulder rich with parks that would offer a place for people to meet. And a portion of his vision was the beauty of the Boulder Creek, which he said... "Very likely the people of Boulder have got so accustomed to thinking of the creek and its banks as a place to throw tin cans and rubbish that it may require too great a feat of the imagination to conceive of it as a pretty, shady spot with a clean, well-kept park path running beside the murmuring waters, but as a matter of fact such an ideal is quite easily attainable".

    But the seeds of these ideas took root and eventually began to bloom. What had been just another front range town, slowly grew into something much more. This map by Drumm was made to illustrate Olmsted's suggested improvements, and with it his 106 page soft cover report discussing the town and his ideas.

    Condition of the map is good, with professional cleaning and rebacking which has minimized staining along the folds. The text has been singed though intact and restored. Image size is 23 x 22 (inches).