(Civil War -S.C.)  Map of South Carolina...

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(Civil War -S.C.) Map of South Carolina...


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Map of South Carolina, Showing the Porportion of Slaves in Each County.

    South Carolina was the first to secede in Dec of 1860, born of the concern over Lincoln's election and the potential abolition of slavery. This map issued in November of 1861, just as US forces were blockading the ports of the state, shows the density of slavery throughout the area. The darker the region the worse the slave concentration, a number in the center of each county gives specific range, such as "thus in Barnwell District will be found 53, which signifies that in every 100 inhabitants... 53 are colored people, nearly all of whom are slaves."

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    Condition is good, with some hand color. Image size is approximately 9 x 9.5 (inches) on a sheet that measures 14 x 9.5