(Civil War- VA.) ...Advance of the Union Army

Mapmaker: Smith, J. Calvin

(Civil War- VA.) ...Advance of the Union Army


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Map Showing The Advance Of The Union Army Under the Command of Lieut - Gen. Grant, Also Battle-Fields, Fortifications, etc. In the Vicinity of Richmond. Drawn by J. Calvin Smith, from Official Documents.

    In 1864, President Lincoln installed Ulysses S. Grant as Lieutenant General and general in chief of the Union Army. Gen Grant in turn decided to apply pressure from the East, West and Trans-Mississippi fronts, and in May-June of this year, Grant began to butt heads with General Lee in the eastern Virginia.

    This very rare map, which we can find only one other instance in an institution, and no immediate record of past sales, is a kind of broadside that shows the advance of Grant at the time, with original hand color identifying the counties and major roads, as well as the placement of troops for both sides of the conflict. Considering the presence of Union troops around Richmond, we presume this map to be issued sometime in late 1864, as it appears that Grant has crossed the James and is in the midst of the siege of Richmond.

    Condition is good, is professionally cleaned and lined with some light foxing at the bottom and very light near the center. Image size is 25.5 x 24 (inches)