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Mapmaker: Jeppesen

(CO.) A Map Of Oil, Gas & Uranium Resources of Colorado

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  • A Map Of Oil, Gas & Uranium Resources of Colorado, Jeppesen, 1954

    A beautiful colored relief map by the local heroes at Jeppesen & Co mapmakers that sets the stage for a new look at the resources that Colorado could offer aside from some coal, precious metals, and pretty scenery.  It's the era of the expansion of Oil & Gas as it spread from Kansas and Oklahoma into the eastern plains of Colorado, and beyond, and this map spotlights that first period of exploration in the northeast that is being reworked and redeveloped today.  But just as significantly for the period was the new gold of Uranium, in the early years of the Atomic age, this held the promise of redefining the value of the state.

    A rare unfolded map for Colorado by the best mapmakers of Colorado.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 17 x 21.25 (inches)