(CO) Colorado Ski Country USA

Mapmaker: Shelton, Hal

(CO) Colorado Ski Country USA


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Territory of Alaska.

    Recognized by the Library of Congress as one of the great contributors to American cartography, Hal Shelton pioneered a style he termed "natural - color maps" which assimilated his years of working of USGS and others, as well as his great skill in painting. A Colorado native, it was this map that was used by the ski industry for decades and garnered Hal a lifetime ski pass to all the resorts. Shows Colorado Springs to Boulder at the base of the Mountains, all the mountains and resorts, and some long gone resorts like "Geneva Basin" and "Squaw Pass".

    Condition is fair with old tears and corner pinholes. Image size is approximately 21 x 29 (inches)