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(CO.) Crofutt's Guide Of Colorado


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  • (CO.) Crofutt's Guide Of Colorado, Crofutt(Nell), 1881

    It's perhaps the nicest guide of its time for Colorado, which dramatized the natural beauty and the growing momentum of settlement and growth in the young state. Full of illustrations for towns, scenery and more, this was the Union Pacific Railroad promotional work for the young state and how the railroad could get you there.
    Complimenting this fine guide is perhaps the best reference map of the time, the great Colorado map by Louis Nell. Dense with detail and consistently up to date, Nell had perfected his mapping while in service to the Wheeler expedition and once done, he settled in Denver producing the definitive maps of the state.
    Condition is good for both the guide and the map. Map is extracted but solid, with some minor separations at the folds. The guide is clean but spine is loose with some wear and deterioration to the soft covers. Image size for the map is approximately 148 x 24.5 (inches)