(CO - Denver) City of Denver

Mapmaker: Rollandet

(CO - Denver) City of Denver


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  • Rollandet's Map of the City of Denver... Jany. 1st 1890...

    Here focusing in more closely on just the city and its near developments, this map reaches south to Fort Logan, and north to just beyond Riverside Cemetery. In the west it includes Edgewater, and to the east it reaches to the "Du Bois Stock Farm", just beyond Windsor Farms. And this map is full of interesting, long gone features, such as Lake Archer just along the Platte, a potential series of blocks that would include Sloan's Lake, or how about when a considerable pond was just off Federal Blvd and 34th.

    Dense with notations for neighborhoods and developments, as well as parks and rail lines. This instance of the map is "Compliments of" the city builder and later to be Mayor of Denver, R. W. Speer.


    Condition is good, has been professionally cleaned and backed with some loss on folds, but not that dramatically effects the image. Image size is approximately 33.5 x 33.5 (inches)