(CO - Dolores River) Dolores,

Mapmaker: Jones, Leslie Allen "Buckethead"

(CO - Dolores River) Dolores,

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  • (CO - Dolores River) Dolores,  Leslie Allen "Buckethead" Jones, 1963

    Leslie Allen "Buckethead" Jones took cartography into his own hands and crafted maps that suited his needs as a river runner. When rafting down a complex river with many sets of rapids and tributaries, the cartographic content has a whole different set of features that become the focus. Like a distant cousin to the road strip maps of centuries prior, Jones realized he needed a map that would just focus on the route of the river with minimal attention to the lands beyond the shores he was passing by. So with hours upon hours of cutting and compiling he created a scroll map that could be used for focusing on just the river and its features, which he would refine. The maps he made included notations for river quality, as well as personal narratives of experiences along the river and historical notations from early Spanish explorers that were in the area, to mountain men, and the 19th century explorers like Powell.
    He was a boat maker, innovated paddles and even designed his own camera helmet which was the origin of his "buckethead" nickname. His archives are now held at University of Utah...

    This instance of his rare map comes with his homemade bag and label that he create to sell his works. 

    Condition is very good. Overall size is approximately 7.25 x 346.25 (inches)