(CO Gold Rush) Map Of The Pike's Peak Gold...

Mapmaker: New York Herald

(CO Gold Rush) Map Of The Pike's Peak Gold...


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  • Map Of The Pike's Peak Gold Districts.

    The number of maps made during the Gold Rush in western Kansas and Nebraska that show the lay of the land and a potential route to the area are few, perhaps a dozen or so instances are known. This newspaper map would be one of those rarities that were issued at the time to give notice of the diggings and also locate where the gold was originating from.

    This woodblock map spans from North Park to the Arkansas River and includes interesting detail for the region, showing roads, towns, terrain and drainages, including the very young "Denver City". Interestingly also include a "old express road" and "New Express Route" coming in and out of Denver. The New route appears to be a Platte River based approach.

    Condition is very good, though the map is a bit faint. Image size is approximately 8.25 x 4.75 (inches) on overall paper size of 22 x 15.5