(CO.- KS.) Gunn's New Map of Kansas And the Gold Mines...

Mapmaker: Gunn, O.B.

(CO.- KS.) Gunn's New Map of Kansas And the Gold Mines...


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Gunn's New Map of Kansas And The Gold Mines Embracing all the Public Surveys up to the 6th Principal Meridian. Compiled from the Original Field Notes by O.B. Gunn. Wyandott, K.T. 1859.

    The persistent rumors of gold in the hills of Pikes Peak and western Kansas, had began in 1850, but it wasn't until 1858 that it became a gold rush, after the findings of William Russell. It was an uncharted part of the West, and a industry quickly sprung up to supply the need for maps that could get you across the rough high prairies to the gold fields. This is one of the rarest of those maps made for the rush, done by Otis Gunn, a civil engineer, politician and soldier. His map is strong for latest development in Kansas in the eastern counties, from roads and towns, to native reserves and drainage. But its the large "Routes from the Missouri River to the Kansas Gold Mines" that captures the attention as it shows the full scope of the Kansas Territory and notes potential routes to the "Gold Region", after you cross the "Buffalo Range". This map hints at the Smoky Hill road as a shorter potential route ("proposed route"), but also shows the Arkansas River route prominently, and Platte River route "...via Ft. Kearney". Amidst the counties of this portion of western Kansas are shown the towns of Denver City and Auraria near the confluence, and Montana not far from those. Wheat 976.

    A rare and important map for the West and specifically Colorado, and our first time to offer it in the last twenty years.

    Condition is good with some loss along folds, and some misfolded portions that stem from when the map was mounted on cloth. The inset map is mostly contiguous. Image size is approximately 26 x 28(inches)