(CO. - KS.) New Map of Kansas

Mapmaker: Gunn & Mitchell

(CO. - KS.) New Map of Kansas


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Gunn & Mitchell's New Map Of Kansas and the Gold Mines Embracing all the Public Surveys up to 1862. Compiled from the Original Field Notes by O.B. Gunn & D.T. Mitchell. Lecompton, K. 1862

    The Gold Rush continues, and Gunn's map is combined with the information from one time rival Mitchell, and this joint project shows how to get to what is still being shown as the far western edge of the Kansas Territory and the Gold Fields. While Colorado was a territory by this time, the map hasn't been updated to include it, but in the large inset at the bottom of the image well defined counties exist and both "Denver City" and "Auraria" are evident at the confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek. This instance of Gunn & Mitchell's rare folding map is from an old Colorado family who arrived around the time of publication and has been passed down since.

    Condition is good with some minor tears and wear, some old repairs on verso and a small point of loss along the border of Kansas and Missouri. Image size is 26.75 x 27 (inches)