(CO.) Map of Colorado Territory

Mapmaker: US Government

(CO.) Map of Colorado Territory


  • The West 2020
  • Map of Colorado Territory, Compiled from Government Maps & actual Surveys.

    This map created just a few months after the territory's establishment, has been called an "exercise in good intentions", as little cartographic information had been accumulated, but just shows the major features as best as they were understood. The recently appointed Francis Case, who made this map had experience in the region as he worked on the Pacific Railroad Survey, and shows the primitive beginning of the survey of the territory. Shows the North, Middle and South Parks, as well as the Cheyenne and Arapahoes Indian Reservation that is surrounded Colorado on the plains. Notes few towns, with only five shown in the mountains. The first map of Colorado and that done by Case who would later become the mayor of Denver in 1873-74.

    Condition is good, has tissue repairs on the folds, and modern hand color. Image size is 17.75 x 21 (inches)