Niwot Colorado map, Longmont Colorado, Erie Colorado, Boulder County

Mapmaker: U.S.G.S.

(CO. - Niwot - Erie-Longmont) Niwot Quadrangle

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  • Boulder County
  • colorado
  • Erie Colorado
  • Longmont
  • Niwot
  • Valmont
  • (CO. - Niwot - Erie-Longmont) Niwot Quadrangle, U.S.G.S., 1945
    Simpler times for these communities along the front range from Valmont and Erie, just east of Boulder, up through Niwot to Longmont and Chapman. Shows the roads, railroads, the
    flow of terrain and drainages, and even some of buildings. This edition was first issued in 1904, and here updated to 1945. Condition is good with some manuscript notations in
    pencil. Image size is approximately 19.5 x 14 (inches)