(Colorado) Atlas of Colorado

Mapmaker: Hayden - US Govt.

(Colorado) Atlas of Colorado


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  • (Colorado) Atlas of Colorado

    A masterpiece for the young state which represents a landmark advance in understanding the diverse region. First published in 1877, this second edition includes a wealth of updates especially for the expansion of railroads and mining development in the central mountains. It's a mammoth task to consider, and the effort was monumental, covering mountains that span hundreds of miles and elevations that were prohibitive. And in the wake of the Hayden Survey came a new accuracy and appreciation for Colorado. This complete atlas includes four full state maps that show the regions, geology, drainage and economic geography, as well as point of triangulation used by Hayden's men. Following are six maps showing the state in sectional detail, along with six companion sheets showing these region's geology. These regional sheets are incomparable references, and includes interesting notations not found on other works, such as Hayden's inclusion of native america village “ruins” that were encountered in the four corners area. Two sheets of geological profiles cover strata in numerous areas. And lastly the beautiful two sheets of panoramic views of Colorado scenery by William Henry Holmes. They supply some of the most accurate and dramatic mountain views from the front range of Pikes Peak to beautiful peaks of the San Juans. A key piece of Colorado cartography which is getting harder and harder to find complete and in good condition..

    ndeed this instance of the atlas is in very good condition with a few marginal supportive repairs on a few sheets, and some repair on one or two centerfolds. Spine is tight and boards are original.