(Colorado) Central Colorado

Mapmaker: Hayden - US Govt.

(Colorado) Central Colorado


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  • Central Colorado.

    The work of F.V. Hayden and his men is foundational to the mapping of Colorado. While the Hayden survey worked through vast swathes of the West, including Wyoming, Utah, Montana and other areas, their study and mapping of Colorado is unparalleled and gave a new and indepth grasp of the mountainous state. Working with his band of men, scientists and engineers, from 1873 to1876, they mapped the state's topography and geology revealing a wealth about it's mostly mountainous 104,100 square miles. The culmination of their years of work was summed in the Geological And Geographical Atlas Of Colorado And Portions Of Adjacent Territory that was published in 1877 and in 1881. Described by one historian as a “businessesman's geologist”, Hayden's focus in the region's geology showed that it was the mineral resource of the West, and it was Hayden that discovered the coal and iron ore in the territory, including it on his maps. Rich with detail for roads, drainage, railroads, as well as the topography, the maps from Hayden's Atlas are the best for the time.

    This map for Central Colorado covers a interesting swathe from Roaring Fork and the tiny town of Aspen in the west, to Larkspur, Colorado Springs, down beyond Pueblo in the East. Reaches as far south as Saguache and the northern bit of the San Luis Valley, through a good portion of South Park to Leadville (which doesn't appear on the 1877 edition) . Amazingly detailed for roads, towns, rail lines and topography. Includes notations for "Berthoud's Wagon Road to Salt Lake" as well as trails throughout the peaks.

    Condition is good with some light marginal dampstaining. Image size is approximately 24 x 36 (inches)