(Colorado - Cripple Creek) Cripple Creek Victor 1896

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(Colorado - Cripple Creek) Cripple Creek Victor 1896


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  • (Colorado - Cripple Creek) Cripple Creek Victor 1896

    It would be the last great gold rush in the contiguous 48 states, and would have a big impact on Colorado and its history. From the rush to connect the sleepy area to the rest of the state, with roads and railroads, to historic issues of labor and unions, it was a blazing moment at the end of 19th century Colorado history.

    This handsome view produced by The Western Litho. Co., in Denver shows the sister cities of Cripple Creek and Victor right at the time of that two fires about a week apart devastated the wooden downtown of Cripple Creek, and set the stage for its redevelopment into mostly brick buildings. Surrounding the stately image of the towns are 20 inset images for the best producing mines, with a key in the lower right that gives the statistics of each. Here the Independence mine owned by Stratton had a monthly output of $60-$75,000.

    Condition is good and has been professionally restored and backed with no image loss, some old cracks are discernible up close, and a small bit of the decorative border in the lower left hand corner is lost. Color is strong Image size is approximately 27.5 x 36.75 (inches)