(Colorado) Moraines of the Upper Arkansas

Mapmaker: Hayden - US Govt.

(Colorado) Moraines of the Upper Arkansas

c. 1874

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  • Moraines of the Upper Arkansas

    William Henry Holmes, was a unique 19th century renaissance man who was a great artist who was along for Hayden's expeditions in the West, and illustrated some of the earliest sketches of the regions geology and land quality. With a strong science background he didn't over dramatize what they encountered, but instead gave some of the most exacting and readily identifiable images for parts of the territorial West. This image shows the upper headwaters of the Arkansas River near present day Leadville and the Twin Lakes area, with detailed sketches of the mountains and slopes as they were at the time, including what was once a "glaciated area".

    Condition is very good. Image size is 6 x 18.25 (inches)