(Colorado - Ouray County) Map of Red Mountain...

Mapmaker: Sherman, W.A.

(Colorado - Ouray County) Map of Red Mountain...


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  • Map Of Red Mountain Mining District Ouray County, Colo.

    The town of Ironton, once known as Copper Glen was established in 1883 south of the town of Ouray, and was a significant transportation junction between Red Mountain Town and Ouray. Built in a flat section in the valley it grew to a town of 1000 people and had two daily stops by the railroad from Silverton. Unique to the town was its covered railroad turntable which kept the railroad working timely even in the face of the deep snows that can be typical of the area. Along with its role as a transport hub, it had some local mining activity of its own and at its apex had around 300 buildings. But like so many towns of its type, when the mining industry would fall from the spotlight, towns like this would dry up and evaporate, which Ironton would do by the 1950's. Many buildings still exist in this present day ghost town.

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