(Columbia) Coffee Map of the Republic of Colombia...

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(Columbia) Coffee Map of the Republic of Colombia...


  • ~Catalog 52~
  • (South America - Columbia) Coffee Map of the Republic of Colombia World's Largest Producer of Mild Coffees

    A fine canvas backed wall map, on its original wood rollers for the nation of Columbia, showing the lay of the land, and the dizzying amount of coffee production. Stretching along the western portion of the country, practically from top to bottom are red squares (“represents 400,000 Coffee trees”) and triangles (“represents less than 400,000 Coffee Trees”) which dot the landscape. Surrounding charts illustrate the Coffee Census of production for 1938, the Coffee picking Seasons, as well as the distance from the coffee growing centers to coastal ports. Condition is good save for a bit of a center buckle where it was seemed.

    Image size is 30 x 24.5. Full printed color.