(Computer - Tech) Cray 2

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(Computer - Tech) Cray 2

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    Cray Research Inc., 1985

    It's a name still associated with the frontier of supercomputers (Titan at Oak Ridge Natl Labs), and here Cray celebrated their first successful multi-CPU, liquid-cooled supercomputer, the Cray-2. The project had been an up-hill challenge, as engineers tried to find a method to handle the growing number, and size of large integrated circuits, and still manage to gain speed. It was Cray himself that had the breakthrough idea of stacking chips, one on top of another. These "3-D" chips were stacked eight deep on top of each other, and because they were so tightly packed, air cooling wouldn't work, so they used Flourinert cooling "waterfall". The first several machines made were used for the U.S. departments of Energy and Defense, with additional machines being used at NASA and Lawrence Livermore Labs. The Cray-2 would remain the fastest until 1988 when superseded by the Cray-3.
    A rare poster for this generation of supercomputer.

    Overall condition is very good with some marginal scuffing and minor dings. Overall image size is 19 x 28 (inches)