(CT., NY.- Long Island) New York, Long Island and the...

Mapmaker: Waugh, Coulton

(CT., NY.- Long Island) New York, Long Island and the...


  • ~Catalog 63~
  • New York, Long Island and the Coast of Connecticut in the days of the Revolution compiled from records by contemporary Coulton Waugh

    Born in England and raised in the U.S., Coulton Waugh was painter, cartoonist, teacher and author who was significant figure in pictorial mapmaking.

    In a brief article on Waugh, the Provincetown Banner noted, "Coulton was a professional sailor and made scale drawings of historic ships, designed fabrics, and made decorative maps and charts... Waugh was considered to have revived, if not originated the art of decorative map making when he exhibited a large map of silk in 1918 at the International Silk Show in New York City"

    Here his historical map for the area during the Revolutionary era, from NYC and all of Long Island, up to Saybrook, CT. A rarity with some original hand color.

    Condition is good, some marginal dampstaining and chipping. Issued on board. Image size is approximately 16.5 x 24 (inches)