(Cuba) Lugares Historicos Y Campanas

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Cuba) Lugares Historicos Y Campanas


  • ~Catalog 52~
  • (Cuba) Lugares Historicos Y Campanas Principales De La Guerra De Los Diez Anos Periode de 1870 a 1878

    In the 1870's Cuba had become the center of slave trade in the western hemisphere, there was tremendous unrest in the country, and the Spanish were still ruling and trying to keep things in control. This map is a tribute to those first revolutionary fathers of Cuba which are illustrated above the title (Agramonte, Maceo, Calixto Garcia all illustrated first amongst the nine figures). During this time the US was caught by the Spanish supplying the rebels. The rebel call against slavery was for slaves to take up their machetes and “burn the cane”. This uprising finally settled down with the “Treaty of Zanjon”, and it would be another eight years until slavery was totally abolished, but it was a great step toward sovereignty. This uncommon Cuban published map commemorates the time with a map of the movements, and battles. Decorative.

    Image size is 15 x 28.25. printed color.