(D.C.) Washington D.C. Map In...

Mapmaker: Hernandez, Jorge Guzman

(D.C.) Washington D.C. Map In...


  • Summer Things 2020 Part I
  • (D.C.) Washington D.C. Map In Perspective Of Enlarged Downtown - Prepared And Published In Madrid In 1965-1966

    A masterpiece for the city in the consummate 20th century style. What has been called "3D maps" or "Architectural Birdseye" maps, utilize an axonometric projection to distill the complexity of a city into a 2 dimensional format without losing the hyper-detail and unique texture of the place.

    Done in a style that was rooted in old European map making, that in turn refines and blooms in the 20th century, here we see a Spanish maker distill the American Capitol unlike had been done before. While conveying roads, buildings, parks, even trees, this map doesn't suffer from the overwrought density that can be found in other works of this style.

    This two sided map on thicker stock includes a more standard map on the verso with a series of smaller panels showing the overall area, a photo image, and a reference key.

    Condition is very good, with some minor soiling and scuffing on the folds. Image size is approximately 32.5 x 47.5 (inches)