De Champagne Et Brie Meridionale

Mapmaker: Bonne, R.

De Champagne Et Brie Meridionale


  • Food & Wine Maps
  • Departem. Et Districts De Champagne Et Brie. Partie Meridionale.

    A study of the refined industries of France. Here a thematic look at the "Champagne and Brie" regions of France, which notes areas where the delicacies were produced. Throughout the map areas are noted as the source for "Brie Champenoise" or "Champagne Propre". A fine copperplate engraving of the region spanning from Dijon, up to Toul, and west to the town of Brie itself. Richly detailed.

    Condition is very good original hand color. Image size is 9 x 12.75 (inches).