Denver... Plate 30 (Washington Park - University Park)

Mapmaker: Baist

Denver... Plate 30 (Washington Park - University Park)


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Baist's Surveys of Denver - Plate 30 (Washington Park - University Park)

    Baist produced small edition atlases featuring the details of a city. Looking at a town piece by piece, these maps show street addresses, subdivisions, building footprints, the building materials used ("brick", "frame", "stone") as well as function (home, stable, greenhouse, church, etc.). While originally produced for Insurance underwriters, they were also employed by the Real Estate industry, but now they are used as indispensable resources for historians, geographers and others.

    With north oriented to the left, this rare map for a portion of Denver spans from Lafayette and Yale to Kentucky and Colorado Blvd., which includes neighborhoods such as a very primitive Washington Park, University Park, and the Observatory Park neighborhoods and notes many subdivisions throughout the area.

    Condition is fair with some minor dampstaining and soiling toward the bottom of the image. Image size 32 x 22.5 (inches).