Die Britischen Inseln...(Great Britain)

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Die Britischen Inseln...(Great Britain)

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  • Die Britischen Inseln und das Umliegende Meer... (British Isles)

    An excellent example of the meticulous and fine engravings that German cartographers were making in the late 19th century. A real classic for the UK as it gives great coverage for the topography of the British isles, but the stunning quality is how it handles the surrounding seas. As much attention has been paid to the Scottish hills, this map does the same for the sea floor off the coast. This rich engraving also includes insets for Helgoland, Rockall, as well as London and the Crystal Palace. Very precise. A mix of both printed and hand color.

    Condition is very good with some light age browning to the paper. Image size is 13.5 x 16 (inches).