(Europe) Das Neue Europa...

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Europe) Das Neue Europa...

c. 1914

  • ~Cat 64 Holiday Offerings~
  • Das Neue Europa Mit Dem Dauernden Frieden. Die Unionisierung Mitteleuropas.

    In an era of empires and growing friction, this map offered a potential of a "New Europe with lasting peace". Thinking far outside the box of the politics of the time, this map proposes a series of cantons that would emanate from St Stephens cathedral in Vienna, dividing mainland Europe into sections regardless of language, ethnicity or history. In each canton would be a regional capital, and an "occupying troop" drawn from four different factions (Roman, German, Slavic, Magyar). In managing central and eastern Europe, it also creates "Finnland", seperated from Russia. As well it gives most of Italy into a "Church State", with the southern remainder going to Greece. In Palestine a "Hebraisches Reich" is distinguished from Turkey.

    A very rare map that we have not encountered before, nor can find in the price records or institutions

    Condition is good with some light marginal soiling, and weakness along a few corner folds. Image size is approximately 24 x 32 (inches)