(Europe) Voyages a Travers L'Europe Jeu de Societe

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Europe) Voyages a Travers L'Europe Jeu de Societe

c. 1910

  • ~Catalog 53~
  • (Europe) Voyages a Travers L'Europe Jeu de Societe

    This pristine rarity is a set of four beautifully printed sheets that make a large game board. Unmounted, these sheets feature a winding numbered route that starts in Rouen France, and weaves throughout all of Europe full of vignettes, returning to end at Paris. In beautiful condition, these came from the estate of a printer, and in addition to this wonderful large “gameboard” come five smaller individual maps for specific European regions. These likewise numbered boards are practically as clean as the day they were printed and have numbered points throughout. The regions shown are the British Isles, Switzerland & Italy, Poland & Germany, Spain & Portugal, and Austrian-Hungarian-Czechoslovakian-Yugoslav-Ukraine.

    Exceptional and rare, all nine sheets are offered together. Image size is 23.5 x 32.5, bright color