(FL.) Map of the Peninsula of Florida

Mapmaker: Matthews - Northrup

(FL.) Map of the Peninsula of Florida


  • ~Catalog 63~
  • Map of the Peninsula of Florida and Adjacent Islands. Florida East Coast Railway.

    Henry Flagler was a successful businessman who, at the suggestion of a doctor, took his wife to Florida to recuperate. While there he saw potential and opened Hotel, years later he realized that the development of Florida was dependent on better transportation, and he decided to build a railroad. Flagler set out to build a rail line down the eastern coast, spanning down to the Keys. By 1896, his railroad reached to Biscayne Bay.

    This map was included in Gregg's book on Fishing along the coast, and shows the rail line reaching to Key West and shipping lines jumping off to the Bahamas, and another to Havana Cuba.

    Unfortunately, Hurricanes would reverse much of the progress made when they stuck in 1906, 1909 and 1910

    Condition is good with some repairs to the top margin. Includes text which Image size is approximately 40 x 16 (inches)