(FL. - Miami area) (Untitled Miami Birdseye)

Mapmaker: Wilson, Carmel

(FL. - Miami area) (Untitled Miami Birdseye)

c. 1944

  • ~Cat 64 Holiday Offerings~
  • (Untitled Birdseye View of Miami Beach and Greater Miami Area)

    A World War two era promotional map for a beautiful early Miami and Miami Beach when many lots of land lay vacant, and once you get past NW 57th Ave., you are in the "Everglades". Done is a painterly style, this view depicts the major buildings, parks and golf courses as well as the air fields and military bases. Articulates the islands and bridges of Biscayne Bay, and surrounding the image are ads and hotel listings that are "Open to Civilians". A detailed glimpse of an era long gone for Miami ("Gateway to the Americas" and neighboring Miami Beach ("Where America keeps fit - Summer & Winter")

    Condition is very good with bright color. Image size is approximately 19.25 x 33.25 (inches)