(Florida - Gulf Coast) The Coast of West Florida

Mapmaker: Jeffreys, Thomas

(Florida - Gulf Coast) The Coast of West Florida


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • The COAST of WEST FLORIDA and LOUISIANA By Thos. Jefferys Geographer to His Majesty.

    The PENINSULA and GULF of FLORIDA of CHANNEL of BAHAMA with the BAHAMA ISLANDS, By Thos. Jeffreys Geographer to His Majesty

    A masterpiece for Florida and the Gulf Coast from the Revolutionary Era. These two unjoined sheets stretch from the coastal reaches of Louisiana, following around the Gulf Coast to Florida and the islands of the Bahamas, it is a detailed chart full of placenames and soundings throughout. Practical notations abound for qualities of the sea bottom ("Muddy Ground", "Black Sand", "Coars Sand with Stones Shells & Coral Rocks"), potential dangers ("Rock under water when Calm"), or good points to anchor. The depiction of Florida is primitive and intriguing with notations for placenames, as well as areas "Fit for a Fine Settlement". Two roads connect to "St. Augustin", one to nearby "Rollstown" along the St. John's River, another reaching far west toward the panhandle, touching many towns along the way.

    Condition is good with some off setting. Each image size is approximately 19 x 24.75 (inches)