(France) La France Touristique

Mapmaker: Landelle, W.

(France) La France Touristique


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • La France Touristique Et Gastronomique.

    There are few pictorial mapmakers that made works that were full of vignettes that tell the inside story of a region. Most pictorial maps show the fun side of an area and can be pretty basic. The works of W. Landelle are quite different, his maps tell many different stories, and this is a fine example of decorative mapmaking. This food and tourism map of France shows the origins of different foods from snails around Auxerre and "Pate De Foie" near Perigueux, but there's much more. There's a ghost dragging his chains in a graveyard near Vannes, a beautiful vignette of St Theres of Lisieux standing in roses, and celtic ruins in Brittany. At the northern border a policeman halts men at the Belgium border, one smoking and another with a bag of "Tabac". (And could that sunny glowing face in the compass rose be the artist?) A map that is a feast for the eyes.

    Condition is very good with some very light off setting. Image size is approximately 20.75 x 17 (inches)