(France - Paris) Plan De Paris

Mapmaker: Andriveau - Goujun

(France - Paris) Plan De Paris


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Plan De Paris A l'Echelle de Millim. pour 25 Metres...

    A large and stunning map of the city, with bold original hand color distinguishing the different arrondissement that section the town. Dissected and backed on canvas this folding map is in its original hard cover and supplies an amazing amount of detail. From the streets and boulevards to the situation of parks and gardens, to even the footprints of some of the key buildings. Full of landmarks and includes insets for the parks of Vincennes and Bologne.

    Condition is very good, and clean, covers have some wear and light fading. Image size is approximately 31.5 x 40.5 (inches).