(France) Story Map of France

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(France) Story Map of France


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Story Map of France

    An intricate and ornate pictorial map that was issued by the Colortext company. Richly detailed for regional character and history, it is amazingly dense, and touches on events both ancient and recent, which includes Lindbergh's spirit of St Louis coming across the English channel, and poignantly a red printed overlay that identifies the farthest invasion of the Germans in WWI, and the "Final Battle Line". Sadly across the Rhine is already a small Nazi flag in Germany. The surrounding border is attributed from the "17th century Louis Quinze tapestries and 18th century Robert De Cotte Ornaments"

    Condition is good with some old misfolds, but no buckling or problems. Smaller, but bold and colorful. Image size is 12.25 x 16 (inches)