(France WWII) Carte De Demarcation...

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(France WWII) Carte De Demarcation...

c. 1942

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  • Carte De Demarcation De La Zone Occuppee Derniers Renseignements

    With the "Latest Information about the Occupied Zone", this map showing how far the Nazi's had over run France evokes both despair and outrage. From Dunkirk, through Paris, down to the Spanish border almost half the country had been overwhelmed by German expansion. Issued as a notice to the people,at the bottom is an exchange reference showing the value of Reichsmark to the Franc. On the verso is a table of Official German currencies, and the "important notice" that only German reichmarks should be accepted by individuals and banks. A relic of a dark moment for France and Europe.

    Condition is good issued on a thin newsprint with some holes, with very worn corners. Image size is approximately 19.25 x 12.5 (inches)