(Great Britain) Angliae Scotiae Hiberniae

Mapmaker: Seutter, M.

(Great Britain) Angliae Scotiae Hiberniae

c. 1740

  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Tabula Novissima Accuratissima Regnorum Angliae Scotiae Hiberniae...

    Detailed map of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland during the reign of George II. Seutter an apprentice and later rival to J.B. Homann, is known for his attention to detail and richly decorated catouches. The map is crowded with names of cities, towns, villages, counties and provinces. Decorative elements include title and mileage cartouches, as well as the three national coats of arms

    Condition is very good Image size is 22.75 x 19.5 (inches)